Custom Shapes And Designs

Multiple Special Shaped USB Flash Drives

If you require a USB shape not featured on our Special Shapes page then we can make it for you!

These versatile products are the ultimate in modern marketing technology allowing you to present more effective marketing in a variety of ways. Everyone uses Flash Drives to store and transport data in everyday environments - what better way to keep your name, product or message at the forefront of your target audience.

We offer a free design service with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces for custom design shapes.

A wide range of memory capacities and a variety of logo branding is available.  Our services also include auto run and data pre loading. 

Just email us the idea or a photo or sketch and we can create a computerised image to show just exactly how your shape would look. The possibilities are endless! Complete the form below to receive a free no obligation quote.

State MB or GB
Only JPG, PNG or PDF files accepted

Free Design Service

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