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Data Preloading Service

We can preload data including any promotional or marketing materials you require. A flash drive is a data storage device and so we can preload any type of data, for example:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Brochures
  • Product catalogues
  • PDF brochures
  • Prospectus
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Software
  • Company websites
  • Training manuals
  • Electronic Vouchers

Forwarding your data

  • By email: If the file size is under 20Mb, you can email it straight to us, as a .zip folder to:
  • If the file size is greater than 20mb then you can provide us with a link from which we can download it from your own web space.  The link should be to a .zip folder containing the data, or if you have details to an FTP location we can download the data from there.
  • By post: You can send us the data on a CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive  to the following address:
Unit 13 Telford Court
NE61 2DB

If you encounter any difficulties please CONTACT US

Data Format

If sending by email, FTP or providing a link, then please save your data in a .zip folder.

Auto Run Function

All our USB Flash Drives support an Autorun function. This feature allows preloaded data, such as a prospectus or product catalogue, to launch automatically when the USB Flash Drive is plugged into a computer.  You can choose which part of your data you wish to load instantly such as a menu for navigation purposes or a promotional / marketing message.

If you require preloaded data, then we will be pleased to set the Autorun function up for you free of charge.

Using a Custom Drive Icon

When the USB Flash Drive is plugged into a computer it is viewed as a drive under “My Computer” and the standard windows drive icon shows.
However we can add your own custom drive icon, for example, your company logo, if you wish, also free of charge.

Pantone Matched Casings

If you require the plastic / PVC casings of your  USB Flash drives in a particular color, for example to match your corporate branding, then we can produce the USB Flash Drives to exactly to any Pantone color specified, in addition to printing your corporate or brand logo on the product itself.

  • The minimum order quantity for Pantone matched USB Flash Drives is just 100 pieces
  • If you require pantone matching, please add 3 working days to our standard lead time .
  • Pantone matching is free of charge.

Any queries please CONTACT US


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